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As a sanitary containers are most often used type containers C3S including various kind of sanitary facilities.

Standard dwelling and sanitary containers are used as temporary constructions.

It is also possible to use large-sized container type - C3S 900 fitted with plumbing and sanitary facilities. These accessories can be both according to our type of the container and also according to the customer´s wishes.

Economic type E3 of containers are suitable for temporary sanitary facilities.


Types of containers

Series M3 Comfortline is a special characteristic of low-energy range of modules designed for building more permanent produced under the brand QUICK SPACE. {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/data/m3/drawings; technical-description; photo) %}} ... more here
Sanitary container C3S is produced in standard size and is fully equipped according to customer's needs with sanitary fittings such aswash basins, urinals, showers, toilets, plumbing bars, boilers, etc. Wiring and the walls are in the category in humid environments and the floor is waterproof. {{% seznam2 (*, a, en/data/c3s/drawings; technical-description; photos-realization; photos-of-special-containers; photos-of-opening; photos-of-electro; photos-sanitary-part; photos-of-heating; photos-other) %}} ... more here


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