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Foldable containers C3VF, E3 a ZF are mainly used for storage of materials. The advantage of storage containers is saving transport costs.

Containers are transported in the folded stage, where instead of one container C3 in kit form there are carried 4pcs foldable  container type CF, and instead of one container E3 in kit form, are transported up to 6x foldable containers type E3 more. 




Types of containers

C3V is the type of the container with variable walls and partition walls. By the combination of the particular external wall panels (which are either full or with door or with window) and partition walls (which are either full or with door) we can quickly modify the container according to the customer's request. For shipments can be C3VF unfolded into packets - instead of one ISO container it is possible to deliver up to 4 pieces of container type CF. {{% seznam2 (*, a, en/data/c3v/drawings; technical-description; photos-production-of-panels; photos-assembly-of-variable-walls; photos-assembly-variable-partition-walls) %}}... more here
Economic folding containers are suitable for transport over long distances. For the transport purposes E3 type of containers are folded into the packets and instead of 1 pc unfolded we can deliver up to 12 pieces on the truck. This type of product is suitable for the accommodation camps in large distances, or for addressing accommodation needs of people in distress. {{% seznam3 (*, a , en/data/e3/drawings; technical-description; photos) %}} ... more here
Storage folding unstackable. Non-insulated entirely produced by corrugated galvanized lunvarnished sheet metal. {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/data/zf/drawings; technical-description; photos) %}}... more here


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