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C3 - StandardLine

Product Lines

With dwelling and sanitary modules of the product line StandardLine, you will get a quick space for different kinds of use - from the building-site office modules, over objects for offices, accommodation, restaurants and municipal buildings to the objects of finance. Our buildings show a widespread use of modular construction. Do not worry a grim expression of builiding site modules which shows the possibility of using different types of facades, but also the works of students who take part in the architectural competition organized by us.

To the high standard of our products helps also the fact that we are the first and only producer who standardly use galvanized sheets for the supporting frames production of dwelling and sanitary modules. An investor has a higher lifetime warranty of our products and does not waste money on future frames maintenance. Our company provides warranty on frames for 8 years.

C3 - Modular buildings
From our dwelling and sanitary containers (for sale or for rent), we areable to build up a suitable building quickly, reliably and completely. The advantage of our buildings is the speed, cost advantage, easy disassembly and transport to another place. We build up buildings for permanent use by the system of spatial modulation with all advantages. For this system, we received the Gold Medal at the IBF International Building Fair in Brno in 2000. {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/building-structures/2011/de-cabin-concurrent/) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/building-structures/2011/football-club-brugge) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/building-structures/2010/modular-kindergarten-in-jihlave) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/building-structures/2009/erasmus-rotterdam-nl) %}} {{% seznam3... more here
We save your money, time and nerves C3L Dwelling containers
Standard dwelling modules 8´- 20´. threetimes stackable modules suitable as dwelling, office and building-sites modules. They can be use as temporary buildings for different purposes. Suitable as dwelling and office modules, which can be used as temporary buildings for different purposes. These containers are fully equipped with doors and windows, surfacing, wiring system and sanitary equipment. Suitable for a permanent buildings with the possibility of disassembly and reassembly at the new location {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/dwelling-container-c3l/groundplans; photos-c3l-products; photos-c3l-products; photos-facades; photos-roof-and-attic; photos-windows; photos-doors; photos-soffits; photos-floors; photos-stairs; photos-porch; photos-electro; photos-heating; photos-others; ) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/technical-description) %}} {{%... more here
dwelling container, sanitary container, office container, building-site units unimo,
C3S Sanitary containers
Sanitary module C3S is produced in standard dimensions of ground-plan, nevertheless dimensions of sanitary modules can be modified. These modules are fully equipped with furnishing according to customer´s requests, e.g. basins, pissoires, showers, toilets, sanitary partitions, boilers, etc. The wiring system and walls are in the category for humid environments and the floor is waterproof. {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/sanitary-container-c3s/groundplans; photos-c3s-product; photos-sani-vip; photos-sani-for-disabled; photos-wc-boxes; photos-sani-partitions; photos-sani-floor; photos-boilers; photos-wash-basins-sinks; photos-showers; photos-toilets; photos-urinals; photos-sani-others) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/technical-description) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/data/price-list) %}}... more here
sanitary container, building-site container
C3V Variable containers
Module C3V is a module with exchangeable walls and partitions. By the combination of exterior wall panels (wall panels can be either full or with a door or window) and interior walls (can be either full or with door), the final ground-plan will be according to your request. Module C3VF is developed for transporting. During transporting are the modules packed in packets - instead of the one ISO module, it is possible to deliver up to 4 modules C3VF. {{% seznam3 (*, a , en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/container-with-exchangeable-walls-c3v/photo-panels-production; photo-installation-of-exchangeable-walls; photo-installation-of-exchangeable-partitions) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a , en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/technical-description) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a... more here
C3VF Variable foldable containers
Modules C3VF can be fold into packets, this type is called flat-pack modules. Customer can combine and change individual wall panels himself. There is either a full panel or a panel with doors or windows, and either full interior partitions or with door. If are C3VF modules transported, they can be unfolded into packets - instead of a dwelling module C3L, it is possible to deliver up to 4 modules C3VF . {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/flat-pack-container-c3vf/ photo) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a , en/product-lines/office-sanitary-cabins-standardline/technical-description) %}} {{% seznam3 (*, a, en/data/price-list) %}}... more here

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Low-energy module M3

Dwelling module/container C3L

Sanitary module/container C3S

Container with variable walls C3V

Foldable container C3VF

Economic module E3E

Storage container ZL

Foldable storage container ZF


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VIP sani

Sani for disabled

WC boxes

Sani - partitions

Sani - floors


Wash-basins, sinks





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