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Ekonomic modules E3E - EconomicLine

pozinkovaný rámEconomic modules are designed especially for the rapid acquisition of space with an emphasis on price.EconomicLine


Economic modules E3 are made of elements. These can be transported in marine containers.

In 20´ container can be carried up to 8 pieces E3. No lifting equipment is required to build up the module.

3D DEMO E3E - EconomicLine


Photos E3E
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Technical description E3E
The main feature is the possibility of assembling the E3E container without using a crane. Elements of the container are transported in shipping containers. At the building site the container can be assembled without using a crane and the whole container can be moved. Individual panels (walls and ceiling are made from them) are constructed of polyurethane panels. ... more here

Foldable E3E containers are suitable for transport over long distances. They are folded into packets during a transport and instead of one folded up container ESE, it is possible to deliver up to 12 pieces on the truck or trailer. This type of product is suitable for camping accommodation at great distances, or to solve accommodation needs of people in distress. {{% seznam (*, a , en/product-lines/economic-cabins-made-of-elements-economicline/e3e/*) %}} {{% seznam (*, a, en/data/price-list) %}} ... more here

Price list /2012
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