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Incentive lunch


On 11 April, 2012, we organized „an incentive lunch" for fans of modular construction. The event was to connect the cooperation between architects and designers who are interested in the modular construction and have already proposed or are currently proposing the projects for modular construction and suppport their cooperation with the end-users and representatives of cities and municipalities who have already implemented the modular municipal building or are going to implement it in the near future. The event was arranged at the presentable rooms of the Masaryk Ring in Brno (Brno Circuit) and thus we combined a place that is characterized by speed motorcycles and cars with the main advantage of modular construction, which is just the speed. This fact was reminded by the distinctive sound of racing cars that were heard on the race track from time to time. Given the venue, the majority of participants recruited from Brno. The whole event was opened by the owner and manager of KOMA MODULAR, Mr Stanislav Martinec, who thanked for the presence and explained our firm intention to repeat these actions. After that the Marketing Manager, Mr Martin Hart introduced the present problem and the history of modular architecture. This lecture was followed by the presentation of Director of inland trade, Mr Karel Kolinsky, who focused mainly on advantages of our company. After a short break, the following presentation was from the representatives of the architectural studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF, who presented the project of modular changing rooms and dining facilities for employees of KOMA and showed us the competitive design of the modular house for elderly in Opava. After this presentation, there was prepared a lunch for participants and they could took part in discussion. All participants eveluated the event as successful and recommend its repetition. The next „incentive lunch" or conference will be held in September in Prague. If you are interested in participating in this project, both actively and passively, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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