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Interview with Mr Martinec


You cen read an interview with Mr Martinec, director of the company, published in NewsLetter issued by the Unie  pro rozhodčí a mediační řízení ČR:


What does your company do?
Designing, creating and building 3D modules for building construction via the 3D modulation method. Considering the fact that it is a rather young field, a little description wouldn't hurt: This method is appropriate when you are looking to erect a building for an office, school, nursery, hotel, store, restaurant etc. (frankly, quick and cost-efficient) from 3D modules. Buildings erected this way fully comply with all static, thermal, fire safety and other standards. Additionally, these buildings have an irreplaceable advantage in that they are mobile, meaning they can be dismantled and erected at a new site. Thus it is suitable to build on leased property, sell the building without relation to the property or just move the building to another site, e.g. if your plans don't go through the way you expect.
The mobile feature does not decrease the architectural appearance in any way. In today's world, characterized by speed and change, this method precisely copies today's lifestyle and is the preferred option of many architects. Long story short, each field comes with new methods which are quicker, better quality and prices. These are the key factors in modular construction in the field of construction.

How long have you been on the market and how has the company developed over time?
We've been here since 1992, so next year we will celebrate our twentieth year in the business. Since the beginning, more than 70% of production was exported. The volume of production was gradually increased from twenty million crowns to today's half a billion. With the help of our own investments as well as European funds, we transformed the company into a modern plant, focusing on lean production. We were the first in the Czech Republic to begin leasing residential and sanitary modules in addition to selling them. Today, our subsidiary KOMA RENT has taken over this business. We also lease and sell containers and modules to Slovakia, where we are represented by our other subsidiary KOMA SLOVAKIA. This year, we created a third subsidiary, KOMA SPACE, which focuses mainly on foreign trade and is based in Vienna. We export throughout the entire European continent and even beyond it. The easternmost delivery was made to Mongolia, but we've also delivered to India, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The westernmost delivery was made to Mexico, northernmost to Greenland and southernmost to South Africa, but for example, we've also been to Iraq. In the Czech Republic, we promote modular construction via lectures, conferences and architectural competitions. We also succeeded in clearing up previous preconceptions about modular construction. Thus you can also find modular buildings used in cities as nurseries, schools or sports facilities, as well as buildings for running businesses, such as restaurants, headquarters or production complexes. With the recent breakthrough of wooden constructions, we have also been called upon to supply residential buildings. For this very purpose, we developed the new ComfortLine, which we also supply in the low energy standard. We have received various awards at expos, we own several useful samples and patents and have been named Zlin's regional innovation company twice.

What are your plans for the future?
We intend to continue convincing the public of the advantages of modular construction. No longer do we claim it has the same quality as standard buildings, but that it is beneficial. We would like to expand and deepen our existing contacts with stable partners from Germany, Switzerland and the countries of Benelux, which make up the main part of our exports. We also intend to expand our business to Nordic countries and aim to breakthrough into other non-European markets, mainly by supplying houses for humanitarian events.

What is your company's experience with arbitration?
We consider disputes and their resolution via courts or arbitrations as a last resort. We always try to reach an amicable agreement which is acceptable for both parties, saving us time and money. We put emphasis on preventing irrecoverable claims and disputes, mainly with the proper wording of business contracts. Specimens of these were received from the Arbitration and Mediation Procedure Union of the Czech Republic. In our history, we have only had to deal with one dispute through arbitration. We appreciate how fast the dispute was resolved. It was a matter of several weeks, unlike disputes in court which can take several years.

What is your role in the company?
I am the owner and director of KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION and the owner of the other subsidiaries.

Why did you choose this field?
Coincidently, during privatization, I was lucky enough to buy a plant in Vizovice which made caravans and trailer extensions. I go by the principle that the greatest capital an entrepreneur owns is in human resources. Because I am surrounded by the right people, I am able to promote and introduce new methods into company management as well as into production, sales and marketing. The field also gave me the chance to meet plenty of interesting people from various business sectors and to visit new places, and discover cultures and traditions throughout the world. On one hand, our actions help people in need - for example, when we produced, transported and assembled a school for 700 children within seven days for the Italian city of L‘Aquila after it was hit by an earthquake. On the other hand, we are capable of supplying luxury sanitary modules equipped with electronics and the most luxurious amenities or even entire McDonald's restaurants. Our products and modular constructions are just as extensive and varied as the line of our consumers, which our products either help to overcome harsh times, or enable to realize their goals in business. I suppose you could consider this our mission.

Work aside, do you have time for hobbies? What are they?
My hobbies allow me to stay in good physical and mental condition. I like to mountain bike or take my wife skating in the summer. In the winter, I prefer cross-country skiing. I used to be involved in folk dancing, thanks to which I met my wife. Today, we prefer a different type of dancing - Argentinean tango.

What cheers you up and what upsets you?
My colleagues say I can't let anything go and often change established trends. I on the other hand feel that only continuous development leads to success. Therefore, what cheers me up the most is when a plan succeeds and when my colleagues and loved ones are satisfied. What I hate is the search for excuses instead of finding solutions. This type of person doesn't last long in our company.

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