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Modular construction

Generally about modular construction
From our dwelling and sanitary modules (for sale or for rent), we are able to build up a suitable building quickly, reliably and completely. The advantage of our buildings is the speed, cost advantage, easy disassembly and transport to another place.We build up buildings for permanent use by the system of spatial modulation with all advantages that this system offers. For this system, we received the Gold Medal at the International Building Fair IBF in Brno. For the low-energy module we got the Gold Plaque at the International Building Fair CONECO 2010 in Bratislava. In the competition for the Gold... more here
Why cooperate with us
FULLY GALVANIZED FRAME We are the only producer in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the former Eastern Bloc standardly producing frames of galvanized metal sheet. SPACE IS OUR FRIEND We are able to solve each space. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT We have Research and development department - the company owns several patents and international awards. UP-TO DATE PRODUCTION We produce our modules in modern halls with excellent machines and using modern management methods. CERTIFICATIONS The production process is fully certified. PAINTING SYSTEM For coating we use new technologically advanced painting and drying boxes. EXCELLENT SANITARY EQUIPMENT We install and recommend sanitary... more here
Why we use modular construction system
The solution is easy because a new building know-how is: Quick, therefore expenses-effective. Industrial, therefore costs-effective. Flexible, therefore effective for planning. Demountable, therefore ecological. Thoughtful, therefore well proven and reliable. The success of building modular systems is a logical consequence of a coherent modern way of construction of multilateral benefits of use.Speed of construction allows for fast activation your investment.You can calculate how much you save when building work on setting up a 3 / 4 earlier than when using traditional construction. Modular construction system Quick Reducing the overall construction time by up to 75%. During the processing of building... more here
Facade systems
We help you to choose a facade system that will be suitable for you. Final face of modular building depends on your demand and architect´s draft. {{% filmstrip (self) %}}... more here

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How to choose a contractor of modular construction

What is necessary to know when you choose a contrator of dwelling containers


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