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KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION s.r.o. was established in 1992, an average number of employees is 170, an average annual turnover is cca 25.000.000 €.
An average year production is around 3.000 pcs of modules and in rent part KOMA GROUP  owns in overall around 800 pcs of dwelling and sanitary containers. Within KOMA GROUP belong beside KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION s.r.o. also KOMA RENT s.r.o. with domicile in Prague / Czech Republic and KOMA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. with domicile in Nitra / Slovakia.
All companies are owned by Mr. Stanislav Martinec. The ratio between inland trade and foreign trade is 30: 70.

KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION is a specialist in modular construction, construction of portable buildings and sanitary containers. Realization of buildings by using modular construction which were supplied besides to European Union countries also to countrier such as Norway, Switzerland, the Middle East, Russia, the Balkans, Mexico, Mongolia and India.
Company is registered as the supplier to UN - UNGM Registration Number is 103612 and it is registered as the supplier for agecies such as UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNIDP, UNOPS, UNPD, UNRWA a WFP. Further on is company registered as the supplier of dwelling containers for NATO let us say NAMSA agency.

By the modular construction system our company build mainly offices, construction equipment, small workshops, petrol stations, schools, fast food, restauratns, hostelscar shops, toll houses, camps, banks, hospitals, senior houses, apartment houses and others. The company regularly organizes architectural competitions with the topic "Modular building" for university students of architecture and civil engineering. 

The KOMA is also owner of several patents and utility designs. In year 2000 we were awarded by the "Gold Medal" at the International Bilding fFir IBF in Brno (Czech Republic) for the product - spatial module. In year 2008 we were awarded by the Certificate of Meritn for the module with variable walls and partition walls. On the International Fair CONECO 2008 in Bratislava (Slovakia) was the KOMA awarded the "Gold Plaque" for a displayed low-energy module and the Gold Leonard for and good-looking fair stand, taht showed a low-energy one-room apartment. That year was the KOMA awarded the Certificate of Meritn at the International Building Fair IBF 2010 in Brno in the copmetition of the Gold Medal. The year before was the KOMA in the competition of the innovative company of Zlin Region awarded the Honourable Mentione.

Our company owns certificates on the supervised quality management according to ISO 9001:2000 which is certified by the international certification company Bureau Veritas. Further the company owns certificate on the product called ÜBEREINSTIMMUNGSZERTIFIKAT which was granted by Germany certification company TÜV, issued by LGA Nürnberg company. From the same certification company we owns "Welding certificate". The company also owns certificates evidencing fire resistance, sound characteristics, static load and thermal characteristics.




Our fundamental philosophy is to be a company with which is easy to cooperate. The willingness to help and oblige a customer is characteristic at all levels.

The modular construction follows the contemporary way of life - the life in motion. Modular constructions fully comply with environmental aspects of building; with a smart spatial solution and work with detail we  satisfy wishes of the most demanding customer.

We make our products in modern production premises, with the emphasis on the health of people and protection of environment. Company's management lays emphasis on lifelong education. We are still learning company where proactive people are preffered.


The company Koma s.r.o. was established in 1992. In its production plant in Vizovice, the company followed its previous traditional manufacture of construction site cabins and trailers and further continued by the production of dwelling and sanitary units.

establishment of KOMA s.r.o.

KOMA is the first company which started leasing/renting of containers on the Czech market

obtaining the quality certificate from the German company MPA LGA Nuremberg (Ü)

overrun of annual turnover 5.000.000 €

overrun of annual turnover 10.000.000 €

the first company in the field in the CR, which acquired the ISO 9001:2000 QUALITY STANDARDS 

rename the company to KOMA MODULAR CONSTRUCTION;
establishment of the sister's company KOMA RENT in Prague - rent 

the first company in Cech Republic which standardly produces zinc dipping coated metal sheet framing;  
establishment of the sister's company KOMA SLOVAKIA in Nitra (Slovakia)

overrun of annual turnover  20.000.000 €

completion of the third phase of the plant revitalization by building a new production and logistic centre


The innovative company of Zlín region
Implementation of the first modular kindergarten in the Czech Republic
Supply of twenty-two classrooms school in 7 weeks for the earthquake-affected Italian city L´Aquila


Placing the low-energy module M3 on the market
Obtaining the Golden Plaque and the Golden Leonard at CONECO 2010 fair in Bratislava and Honorable Mention at IBF in Brno.
A major partner of the event "Crossroads of Architecture", with theme the modular architecture in Prague






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